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The famous worldwide Nike sneakers gained a large share in the market of sports shoes. This is not surprising, as it is a product of great quality and distinctive design. The very particular qualities do attract connoisseurs of quality shoes all over the world. Nike currently has 55 subsidiaries throughout the world. As Nike footwear is produced mainly for professional athletes, the reliability and convenience of products are the main priority of the manufacturer.

Air Jordan 2 trainer

Original Air Jordan 2 trainer

Air Jordan 2 sneakers should be distinguished among the abundance of models. The footwear of this range is produced in accordance with the unique technology of the brand that was developed at the end of the last century. An air cushion is built into the sole of the sneakers. It ensures maximum shock-absorption during running and walking.

Some interesting facts about Air Jordan 2 sneakers

Air Jordan 2 sneakers were introduced in November 1986. After the successful sale of the footwear model known as Air Jordan 1, manufacturers have decided to create this model. Bruce Kilgore was a designer who developed a new project. It should be noted that Bruce created the sketches of models, but technologists implemented technologies. sneakers from this range are the only Air Jordan’s models that were created in Europe.

Compared with the first series, Air Jordan 2 is characterized by a higher sole. Plastic is used for better fixation of sole in the back of the sneaker. The model has a considerable height, i.e. 3 sections for lacing. An air cushion is located along the entire length of the sole.

Air Jordan 2 footwear was not a hybrid. However, at the design stage, Kilgore tried to combine the top of Air Jordan 1 and the bottom of Air Jordan 2. He planned to evaluate a new shock absorption system in practice. Air Jordan 2 sneakers have no second range of models. This is the first model from the Nike range, on which no logo of the “Swoosh” company can be found. The sneakers of this model were produced from 1987 to 1988. Air Jordan 2 is the latest Nike sneakers that combined the low and high fit of sports shoes.